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Technology as an enabler for placemakers

We generate operational efficiency gains by deploying technology designed to make building services faster, better-directed and transparent.

The data we harvest allows us to promote transformational efficiency gains by decoupling wages from hours worked, and instead paying placemakers per task.This is our mission:To unlock the engagement and initiative of placemakers, through meritocracy.

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A Simple process to unlock smarter services

Streamline commercial cleaning by seamlessly connecting buildings, clients, providers and operatives.

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Set Up
PEGO does it all for you

Using your existing PDF floorplans, PEGO creates a digital twin of the building.

We work with the facilities management team to understand the current baseline.

We work with your existing teams

We propose a bespoke plan for your building with a mix of software, passive feedback points, and sensors to collect the data that will enable better services in the building.

Once you approve the plan, we install, test and commission the system. PEGO works with your teams to ensure a smooth technology rollout and adoption.

You only pay us when the system goes live

You pay an annual subscription for the PEGO services after the system goes live.

Better Operations
Continuous operational improvements

Building occupants can work, socialise and thrive in an improved environment.

Improved data and insights into the operations of your building creates opportunities for continuous improvement across the board.

We ensure a portion of the efficiency gains are applied to reward placemakers in your buildings, based on productivity and merit.

Recognition unlocks potential and value

Tasks that matter to your occupants

Better value services, with full transparency

Tier 1


Digitise contracts and operations

We create an interactive 3D model of your entire site and work with you to set the cleaning standards for each space.

A task list is delivered to each placemaker on the PEGO Mobile App, which also supports proof of service, time and attendance, and auditing.

All stakeholders work from a single digitized source  of information.

Tier 2


Connect all stakeholders in real-time.

Pulse provides occupants and managers with simple, low-friction channels for giving feedback or creating tasks. This enables services on demand, where placemakers focus on the issues that matter the most to the occupants of the building.

With Pulse, placemakers get a full log of their work and client feedback, providing valuable recognition and incentivising productivity.

Tier 3


Automate operations with AI, IoT sensors, and smart building technology.

Sense offers the ultimate level of automation in soft FM services. PEGO's unique sensor Pods enable accurate human presence detection, and Visual Question Answering AI analysing the status of facilities.

Sense also supports integration with third-party technologies on site, enabling the frictionless flow of data between systems.

Sense provides unprecedented spatial intelligence and highly efficient automated targeted services, built on top of the digital infrastructure created by Core and Pulse.

One pod, all the sensors you need.

World’s first Artifical Intelligence Machine Vision solution for facilities management.

Our sensor Pods monitor occupancy, footfall,spacial changes, and surface temperatures, providing all main workplace sensors in a single device.

They also include our unique Computer Vision, which provides unprecedented cleanliness and tidiness insights.


The Pods are mounted on the ceiling, using easy assembly plastic brackets provided by PEGO. All Pods require a Category 6 Ethernet cable for power. Connectivity can be provided by the same Ethernet cable, or WiFi.

Human Presence & Thermal Sensors

The Pods use high-accuracy 8x8 pixel infrared thermal sensors, which can detect temperature variations within each pixel with 0.25°C precision.

Range Sensors

Advanced proximity and ranging sensors provide highly accurate real-time distance measurements.

Physical Shutter

The shutter consists of a proprietary glass screen, which is opaque when at rest. When energised, the shutter becomes momentarily transparent, allowing the imaging device to capture an image of the vacant facilities.

Imaging and AI

The shutter conceals a camera, which is exposed to collect images only when spaces are vacant. Whenever someone is within range of the Pod, the camera cannot take pictures (and is not even visible).

Ready to explore?

If you have any questions or need any assistance please contact us below, and our team will help you setup your perfect system to achieve more efficient cleaning operations.

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