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Empowering people with the tools to do better, with less.

Meet the team

Our team is made up of experienced leaders, innovative engineers, and creative designers, all working together to create cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

We believe that by combining our expertise, skills, and creativity, we can revolutionize the way buildings operate and people live and work within them. Get to know our team and see why we're the best in the business.

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder
Pedro Arriaga
Pedro started his career as an architect working in large commercial projects, including the London 2012 Olympic Park. He had a mid-career shift towards offshore technology and engineering working first at Global Maritime, and later founded Salt Technologies, a successful tech enterprise that provides digital solutions for offshore energy and maritime sectors.Pedro holds a Master’s degree in architecture and another Master’s in offshore renewable energy technology.‍
Chief Technology Officer
Fernando Cristovão
With over 30 years in technology, Fernando began his career during college, studying computer science. Starting as a software engineer and data architect, he quickly expanded into entrepreneurship, thriving as an independent consultant and start-up founder. For the past two decades, Fernando has led technology teams, dedicating seven years to fin-tech. Notably, he directed product and engineering for industry giants like Sodexo, showcasing adept leadership in dynamic and innovative environments.
Chief Product Officer
Benedict Cardozo
Benedict leads product strategy and execution at PEGO. Prior to joining PEGO he was a product manager at Trayport, the primary network and data platform for European energy markets. Before that, he ran its technical support team for several years. A self-taught programmer, Benedict also co-founded and developed the software powering a successful cryptocurrency brokerage. Benedict holds a BA in English Literature.
Technology Lead
Paulo Marques
Paulo Marques is a Senior Software Engineer and manager within the engineering team. He has over 10 years of experience and graduated from Senac University in 2016 with a degree in Analysis and System Development. Skilled in specific software languages, Paulo specialises in web application development.
Embedded Software Engineer
Lucas Marshall
Lucas, a Development Engineer with a Master's in Mechatronics from the University of Glasgow, specialises in embedded systems, AI, and IoT. He leverages his expertise to drive Pod development, playing a pivotal role in operating system development. Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Lucas is dedicated to pushing innovation boundaries in our projects.
Full Stack Engineer
Ozgur Cetin
Ozgur, initially a mechanical engineer, found his love for programming during collaborative research in the Netherlands. Transitioning to computer science, he excelled as a full-stack developer in the US, working on various projects in e-commerce, fin-tech, and capital management.
Front End Engineer
Quentin Dallaserra
Quentin is a highly skilled Frontend Engineer, delivering top-notch projects on time and within budget. Proficient in a multitude of programmes, he ensures cutting-edge skills by staying updated with industry trends. Quentin's focus on exceptional user experiences and collaborative problem-solving ensures high-quality results.
Devops engineer
Nikitha Koshy
Nikitha is a senior DevOps engineer with 10 years of experience at IBM. Her notable projects were working in technology and operations within various UK government projects, aimed at delivering benefits to the people. Proficient in AWS, she holds certifications in both AWS and Azure.
Data Integration Specialist
Nisa Silva
Nisa, a Data Integration Specialist, plays a pivotal role in building the foundation for effective data management within organisations. She ensures seamless data flow, organising it meticulously and maintaining its quality for use by other professionals. Nisa's dedication ensures that data is not only available but also structured and ready for analysis.
QA engineer
Russell Goualin
Russell has joined the engineering team as Test Lead with over 6 years of experience in the software testing industry. With a proven track record of leading successful testing teams and ensuring the delivery of high-quality software products. He is highly skilled in test automation, having implemented and maintained a testing framework that ensures a thorough validation of software functionality across various scenarios and platforms.
Backend Engineer
Rui Farrim
With over a decade of experience working as a software engineer in various industry sectors, Rui is committed to continuous learning to remain at the forefront of the latest trends and best practices. Rui embraces an agile, customer-focused, and product-driven approach to software engineering. Over the past five years at Farfetch, Rui specialized in backend technologies and tools within a microservices distributed architecture.
Mobile Developer
Dmytro Kovalskyi
Dmytro is an experienced mobile developer with expertise in a wide range of front-end technologies. A recent hire for PEGO, Dmytro has quickly made significant improvements to the functionality and quality of the PEGO Mobile App, including many thoughtful UX/UI improvements. Dmytro holds a master's degree from O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy.
Head OF Digital Architecture
Catarina Gonçalves
With a bachelor’s degree in Architecture, and nearly three years of experience as a 3D Artist, Catarina brings a unique perspective to every project. With a meticulous attention to detail and a passion for creative design, her expertise in both architecture and 3D artistry allows her to seamlessly link software to the visual world, creating immersive experiences that transports viewers into the heart of our projects.
Junior Architect
Sheena Uy
Since 2022, Sheena has had experience working with BIM as a licensed architect. She possesses a strong passion for transforming ideas into captivating realities through the creation of 3D models. Her experience in developing 3D as-built drawings, derived from scans, has honed her attention to detail. By collaborating with the team, she ensures that each project is executed with utmost precision, creativity, and a touch of innovation.
Head of business development - apac
Jennifer Beare
With over 14 years experience in operations, Jennifer has developed a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in managing complex projects and teams. Her expertise spans various industries, including corporate real estate, construction, and legal finance. She is recognised for her ability to deliver exceptional results in fast-paced environments. Jennifer has transitioned from Operations Director in the UK to focus on leveraging her network and expanding PEGO's operations in the APAC region.
Head of Sales
Rikesh Patel
With 14 years of experience in Business Development & Sales within the cleaning and FM industry, Rikesh is committed to success and forward-thinking in the FM world. With a focus on innovation Rikesh ensues people are at the forefront of every business endeavour. Rikesh joined PEGO with a clear purpose - drawn by a commitment to revolutionising the FM world and pushing industry boundaries, fostering an environment that aligns with his values.
Client Success Manager
Jodie King
Bring more than 14 years of expertise in Client Success, Jodie is dedicated to craft the optimal customer experience and service value for clients. Her prior roles centred on software and marketing, aligning effortlessly with the innovative products and requirements of PEGO.
Sales Manager
Bradley Turnbull
Bradley has an extensive career in sales and facilities management. His most recent role was as a Centre Manager for Regus, where he acted as one of PEGO's first early adopters. Bradley is such a believer in PEGO, that when he learned we were recruiting for a new Sales Manager, he promptly applied and excelled in every stage of the recruitment process.
Head Of Finance
Francisco Goncalves
Francisco is an accomplished finance professional, moving to PEGO after 10 years working for RCI bank international, where he was on a fast-track to becoming a country CFO. Francisco is joining PEGO with a clear path to becoming CFO of PEGO by the end of 2024. Holds a Master's degree in International Business from Greenwich University.
Operations Manager
Fred Posnette-Turnbull
Fred has joined us as our Executive Assistance and Operations Manager, bringing a wealth of experience and passion from her previous roles. We are confident that she will make significant contributions ensuring the efficient functioning of all things PEGO helping us to achieve our strategic goals.
Computer Vision Training Manager
Stefan Rigby
Stefan is a confident, disciplined, dynamic, industrious, and highly adaptable individual, having recently completed a six and half year career within the Royal Navy. Possessing a positive “Can-Do” attitude aligned to excellent interpersonal, communication and IT skills. With personal qualities to successfully manage and motivate individuals.
Computer Vision Trainer
Steffan Glenister
Steffan is a Computer Vision Trainer at PEGO. His focus in the company is working alongside the team to develop the technology used in PEGO sensors and software to deliver data driven information to clients. Steffan has a relatively young career in the industry and has been studying a variety of topics throughout the years, from creative and digital media to sound and graphic design and software development.
Junior Graphic Designer
Stella Bigg
As a recent graphic design graduate, Stella combines her passion for crafting visually appealing and user-centric designs to produce compelling content. In her role as a Junior Designer, Stella leverages her skills and dedication to innovative projects, aiming to drive meaningful impact through creative solutions.
Computer Vision Trainer
Shyy Aninon
Shyy, a Computer Vision Trainer, helps train the pods to analyse and recognise objects. Previously, Shyy worked as a quality analyst for a social media platform which proves her track record of meticulous work and keen attention to detail. Shyy is diligent and is enthusiastic to learn and assist in multiple areas of the company.

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